Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Stock List 23/9/2010

My next delivery scheduled for pre-order items is on Thursday 30/9/2010. Last date to place booking & order is on 28/9/2010 (Tuesday). Pls sms me @ 014-6226707.

Stock List As 23/9/2010 (FOC Delivery With Every Purchase Of Ready Stock Perfumes - Big Size)
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For Men
Versace Au Fraiche 100ml RM180
Dunhill Desire Red 100ml RM150
Dunhill Desire blue 100ml RM120 (no box)
Bvlgari Black 75ml Tester RM150
Bvlgari Aqva 100ml Tester RM160
CK Be 200ml Tester RM150
FCUK For Him 100ml RM140
CK One Ltd Edt 100ml Tester RM130
CK One Summer 2010 100ml RM170
Ralph Lauren Polo Blue 125ml Tester RM180
Carolina Herrera Aqua Man 100ml Tester RM170
Banana Republic Pour Homme Classic 50ml RM100
Samba French Kiss For Men 100ml RM70
Azzaro Chrome 100ml RM170
CD Fahrenheit 100ml Tester RM220
Cigar by Remy Latour 100ml RM110
CD Homme Sport 100ml Tester RM220
Versus Blue Jeans 75ml RM100
Dunhill Pure 75ml RM170
Givenchy Play 100ml Tester RM190
Dior Higher Energy 100ml Tester RM200
Acqua Di Gio Men 100ml Tester RM180
Paco Rabanne UltraViolet Men 100ml Tester RM160
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For Women
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea EDP 100ml RM100
Dior Addict Shine 100ml Tester RM230
Dior Addict 2 100ml Tester RM230
Miss Dior Cherie 100ml Tester RM230
Paris Hilton EDP 100ml RM150
Banana Republic Pour Femme EDP Classic 50ml RM100
CD Jadore L'absolu EDP 100ml Tester RM250
Versus Red Jeans 75ml RM100
Harajuku Doll 10ml (Music/Lil Angel/Baby/Love) RM90 each. Take 1 set of 4 = RM320
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Monday, July 6, 2009

New Price List (July 2009)

For Women
Aigner - Black edp 75ml/RM155
Agent Provocative - Maitresse edp 100ml/RM220, 100ml tester/RM190
Anna Sui - Flight of Fancy 75ml/RM190
Anna Sui - Secret Wish 75ml/RM180
Anna Sui - Secret Wish Magic Romance 75ml/RM180
Banana Republic - Alabaster edp 100ml/RM235
Benetton - Hot 100ml/RM50 (Counter RM118)
Britney Spears - Curious 100ml/RM150 (Counter RM238)
Britney Spears - Curious In Control 100ml/RM180
Britney Spears - Believe 100ml/RM200, 50ml/RM170
Britney Spears - Fantasy 100ml/RM180 (Counter RM238)
Britney Spears - Midnight Fantasy 100ml/RM100, 50ml/RM160
Bvlgari - Omnia 65ml/RM200, 65ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM340)
Bvlgari - Omnia Crystalline 65ml/RM200, 65ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM340)
Bvlgari - Omnia Amethyste 65ml/RM200, 65ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM340)
Bvlgari - Pour Femme 100ml/RM220 (Counter RM465)
Bvlgari - BLV Pour Femme 75ml/RM170 (Counter RM315)
Bvlgari - Rose Essentielle 100ml/RM220, 50ml tester/RM130 (Counter RM465)
Bvlgari - Jasmin Essentielle 100ml/RM230, 50ml tester/RM130 (Counter RM465)
Bvlgari - Notte 75ml/RM165
Burberry - London New 100ml/RM230, 100ml tester/RM185 (Counter RM333)
Burberry - London 100ml/RM160, 100ml tester/RM140
Burberry - Touch 100ml/190. 100ml tester/RM170 (Counter RM320)
Burberry - Brit Sheer 100ml/RM230
Burberry - Weekend 100ml/RM160, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM320)
Burbery - Tender Touch 50ml/RM155
Carolina Herrera - 212 Women 100ml/RM210, 100ml tester/RM180 (Counter RM286)
Carolina Herrera - 212 Sexy 100ml/RM205, 100ml tester/RM180
CK - CK One 200ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM242)
CK - CK One Summer 100ml/RM160
CK - CK Be 200ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM242)
CK - Eternity 100ml/RM180, 100ml tester/RM150, 50ml/RM150 (Counter RM269)
CK - Eternity Moment 100ml/RM180
CK - Eternity Summer 100ml/RM180
CK - Euphoria Blossom 100ml/RM240, 100ml tester/RM195
CK - CKIn2U 100ml/RM140, 150ml/RM200, 100ml tester/RM120
CK - Escape edp 100ml/RM180
Cacharel - Amor 100ml/RM200
Cacharel - Promese 100ml/RM200
Christian Dior - Jadore edt tester 100ml/RM250
Christian Dior - Jadore edp 100ml/RM320, 100ml tester RM260
Christian Dior - Pure Poison edp 100ml/RM315
Christian Dior - Miss Dior Cherie edp 100ml/RM265
Christian Dior - Miss Dior Cherie edt 100ml/RM240
Clinique - Happy To Be 100ml/RM220
Davidoff - Echo 100ml/RM160, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM304)
Davidoff - CoolWater 90ml/RM150, 90ml tester/RM120 (Counter RM252)
Davidoff - Coolwater Game 100ml/RM140 (Counter RM252)
David Beckham - Intimately 75ml/RM160
DKNY - Be Delicious edp 100ml/RM220, 50ml/RM190
DKNY - Red Delicious edp 100ml/RM220, 50ml/RM190
DKNY - Night edp 100ml/RM220
D&G - Light Blue 100ml/RM230
D&G - The One 75ml/RM245
Elizabeth Arden - 5th Avenue 125ml/RM140 (Counter RM252)
Elizabeth Arden - After 5 edp 125ml/RM165
Elizabeth Arden - Green Tea 100ml/RM100
Elizabeth Arden - Mediteranean 100ml/RM190
Elizabeth Arden - Provocative 100ml/RM150, 50ml/RM150
Elizabeth Arden – Red Door Revealed edp 100ml/RM215
Emporio Armani – Diamond 100ml/RM215
Escada - Sentiment 75ml/RM170, 75ml tester/RM150(Counter RM247)
Escada - Moon Sparkle Woman 100ml/RM200
Escada - Into The Blue 100ml/RM230, 100ml tester/RM180, 50ml/RM180, 30ml/RM130
Escada - S Ltd Edt edp 100ml/RM230
Estee Lauder - Beautiful 100ml/RM250, 100ml tester/RM230 (Counter RM320)
Estee Lauder - Pleasures 50ml/RM170, 100ml/RM260
Estee Lauder - Love 100ml/RM265
Estee Lauder - Pure White Linen 50ml/RM200
Givenchy - Very Irresistible 100ml/RM180, 100ml tester/RM160 (Counter RM237)
Givenchy - Very Irresistible Summer 100ml/RM160
Givenchy - Very Irresistible Sensual 75ml/RM235
Gucci - Rush 75ml/RM200, 75ml tester/RM180 (Counter RM303)
Gucci - Rush II 75ml/RM200, 75ml tester/RM180 (Counter RM303)
Gucci - Envy Me 100ml/RM200, 100ml tester/RM170 (Counter RM315)
Gucci - Envy Me II 100ml/RM210, 100ml tester/RM190 (Counter RM315)
Gucci - Gucci II EDP 75ml/RM240, 75ml tester/RM180
Gucci – Gucci EDT 50ml/RM200
Guess - Guess Women 75ml/RM170
Guerlain - My Insolence Glitter Ltd Edt edp 50ml/RM200
Givenchy - Ange Ou Demon 50ml/RM210, 100ml/RM260
Givenchy - Organza edp 100ml/RM200
Givenchy - Very Irresistible 75ml/RM185
Hermes - Kelly Cleche 50ml/RM200
Hermes - Eau Des Merveilles 100ml/RM240
Hugo Boss - Deep Red 75ml/RM185, 75ml tester/RM165 (Counter RM247)
Hugo Boss - Boss Femme 100ml/RM190
Hugo Boss - Intense 90ml/RM180
Hugo Boss - Deep Intense 75ml/RM180, 75ml tester/RM160 (Counter RM247)
Hugo Boss - XX 100ml/RM200
Hugo Boss - Hugo Women 125ml/RM190, 125ml tester/RM160
Issey Miyake - L'Eau D'Issey 100ml/RM250, 100ml tester/RM225 (Counter RM320)
Issey Miyake - L'Eau D'Issey Summer 100ml/RM210
J.Lopez - Luxe 100ml/RM180, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM275)
J.Lopez - Live Luxe 100ml/RM180, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM275)
J.Lopez - Still 100ml/RM180, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM325)
J.Lopez - Glow 100ml/RM170, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM238)
J.Lopez - Love @ First Glow 100ml/RM170, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM238)
J.Lopez - Glow @ Dark 100ml/RM170, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM238)
JPG - Classique Summer 75ml/180
JPG - Le Classique 75ml/RM230, 75ml tester/RM210 (counter RM275)
Kenzo - Flower 100ml/RM180 (Counter RM290)
Kenzo – Amour edt 100ml/RM180
Kylie Minogue - Darling 75ml/RM190
Lancome - Miracle 100ml/RM220
Lancome - Miracle Forever 100ml/RM220
Lancome - Miracle So Magic 100ml/RM220
Lancome - Hypnose 50ml/RM190, 75ml/RM240
Lancome - Oui 75ml/RM195
Lancome - Pleasures Delight 100ml/RM270
Lancome - Pleasures 100ml/RM270
Lanvin - Eclat D'Arpege 100ml/RM180
Lolita Lempicka edp 100ml/RM200, 100ml tester/RM180 (Counter RM299)
Mariah Carey - Mariah Carey EDP 100ml/RM190, 100ml tester/RM170
Mandarina Duck - Women 100ml tester/RM100
MaxMara - Max Gold 80ml/RM170
MaxMara - Max Pink 80ml/RM195
Miss Sixty 75ml/RM155
Miss Sixty – Rock Muse 75ml/RM165
Moschino - Cheap & Chic 100ml/RM200, 100ml tester/RM180
Moschino - Funny 100ml/RM230, 100ml tester/RM200
Morgan - De Toi 100ml/RM160
Narsico Rodriguez edt 100ml/RM300
Nina Ricci - My Nina 80ml/RM210, 80ml tester/RM175, 50ml/RM165, 30ml/RM135
Nina Ricci - L'Air Du Temp 100ml/RM160
Paco Rabanne- UltraViolet 80ml/RM170, 80ml tester/RM160 (Counter RM275)
Paco Rabanne - XS Black For Her 80ml/RM190, 80ml tester/RM160
Paris Hilton - Heiress 100ml/RM135 (Counter RM199)
Paul Smith - Rose edp 100ml/RM220, 100ml tester/RM190
Paul Smith - EDP 100ml/RM185
Paris Hilton - Just Me 100ml/RM145(Counter RM199)
Paris Hilton - Paris Hilton 100ml/RM145 (Counter RM199)
Paloma Picasso - Paloma EDP 100ml/RM260
Ralph Lauren - Romance 100ml/RM230 (Counter RM280)
Ralph Lauren - Style 125ml/RM230
Ralph Lauren - Ralph 100ml/RM200
Ralph Lauren - Blue 125ml/RM235, 125ml tester/RM210
S.Ferragammo - Incanto EDP 100ml/RM190 (Counter RM270)
S.Ferragammo - Incanto Dream 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM270)
S.Ferragammo - Incanto Charm 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM270)
S.Ferragammo - Incanto Heaven 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM270)
S.Ferragammo - Incanto Shine 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM270)
S.Ferragammo - Subtil 100ml/RM190, 100ml tester/RM170 (Counter RM335)
Sarah Jessica Parker - Lovely 100ml/RM185, 100ml tester/RM150
Sarah Jessica Parker - Lovely Skin Serum 100ml tester/RM150
Sean John – Unforgiable Woman edp 100ml/RM220
Tommy Hilfiger - Tommy Girl 100ml/RM210, 50ml/RM170
Trussardi - Inside edp 100ml/RM180
Verawang - Princess 100ml/RM260, 30ml/RM175
Vercase - Red Jeans 75ml/RM100 (Counter RM159)
Versace - Rose Tea 75ml/RM100
Versace - Bright Crystal 90ml/RM215, 90ml tester/RM190, 50ml/RM195
Versace - Woman 100ml/RM190
Victoria's Secret - Sexy For Her 75ml/RM220
Victoria's Secret - Sexy For Her II 75ml/RM220
Victoria's Secret - Silkening Body Splash 236ml/RM70
YSL - Baby Doll 100ml/RM190, 100ml tester/RM170 (Counter RM270)
YSL - Young Sexy Lovely 75ml/RM215
YSL - Opium 100ml/RM250
YSL - Cinema edp 90ml/RM250

For Man
Aigner - X Limited 125ml/RM120
Aigner - Black 125ml/RM165
Aramis - 900 100ml/RM180
Azzaro - Chrome 100ml/RM170, 100ml tester/RM150
Azzaro - Chrome Legend 100ml/RM190
Azzaro - Now 75ml/RM195
Bvlgari - Aqva 100ml/RM175, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM272)
Bvlgari - BLV Pour Homme 100ml/RM175 (Counter RM252)
Bvlgari - Soir 100ml/RM185, 100ml tester/RM155
Bvlgari - BLV Extreme 100ml/RM175, 100ml tester/RM150
Bvlgari - Black 75ml/RM175, 75ml tester/RM150
Bvlgari - Notte 100ml/RM165
Bvlgari - Aqva Marine 100ml/RM170
Burberry - Weekend 100ml/RM150 (Counter RM205)
Burberry - London 100ml/RM200, 100ml tester/RM170 (Counter RM248)
Burberry - Touch 100ml/RM190
Burberry - Brit 100ml/RM180
Christian Dior - Fahrenheit 100ml/RM240
CK - CK One 200ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM242)
CK - CK One Summer 100ml/RM160
CK - CK Be 200ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM242)
CK - Electric 100ml/RM160
CK - Eternity 100ml/RM160, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM230)
CK - Eternity Summer 100ml/RM160
CK - Euphoria Men 100ml/RM200, 100ml tester/RM175
CK – Euphoria Intense Men 100ml/RM220
CK - Truth Men 100ml/RM175, 100ml tester/RM155, 50ml/RM150
CK - Escape 100ml/RM185, 100ml tester/RM160
CK - Obsession 125ml/RM210
Carolina Herrera - 212 100ml/RM200
Carolina Herrera - Aqua Man 100ml/RM200
Clinique - Happy for Men 100ml/RM190
Davidoff - CoolWater 125ml/RM150, 125ml tester/RM135 (Counter RM242)
Davidoff - Echo 100ml/RM160, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM233)
Davidoff - CoolWater Deep 100ml/RM160 (Counter RM268)
David Beckham - Instinct 75ml/RM140, 75ml/RM110
Dunhill - Desire Red 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester/RM135 (Counter RM240)
Dunhill - Desire Blue 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester/RM135 (Counter RM240)
Dunhill - Fresh 75ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM222)
Dunhill - Xcentric 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM240)
Dunhill - Pursuit 75ml/RM210
Dunhill - D 75ml tester/RM140
Dolce Gabanna - D&G Pour Homme 125ml/RM190
Dolce Gabanna - Light Blue 100ml/RM235
Escada - Sentiment Pour Homme 100ml/RM170
Escada - Sunset Heat 100ml/RM200
Escada - Moon Sparkle 100ml/RM200
Emporio Armani - City Glam 100ml/RM220, 50ml/RM195
Estee Lauder - Pleasures Men edt 100ml/RM220
FCUK - For Him 100ml/RM150
Ferrari - Red 125ml/RM140
Ferrari - Black 125ml/RM140
Giorgio Armani - Code 75ml/RM240
Giorgio Armani - Attitude 75ml/RM240
Guess - Man 75ml/RM160
Hugo Boss - XY 100ml/RM200
Hugo Boss - No.6 100ml/RM170, 100ml tester/RM150
Hugo Boss - Green (Army) 150ml tester/RM160
Hugo Boss - Dark Blue 125ml/RM170, 125ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM230)
Hugo Boss - Selection 100ml/RM200, 50ml/RM175
Hugo Boss - Energise 125ml/RM185, 125ml tester/RM160
Hugo Boss - Soul 90ml/RM170
Hugo Boss - In Motion Black 90ml/RM190, 90ml tester/RM170
Hugo Boss - In Motion 90ml tester/RM140
Iceberg - Effisien 75ml/RM125
Iceberg - Iceberg 100ml/RM130
JPG - Le Male 125ml/RM220, 125ml tester/RM200, 75ml/RM180 (Counter RM270)
JPG - Gaultier 2 120ml/RM255
JPG - Fluer De Male 125mll tester/RM210
Kenneth Cole - Black 100ml/180, 100ml tester/RM160
Kenneth Cole - RVSP 100ml/RM260, 100ml tester/RM190
Lacoste - Elegance 100ml/RM205, 50ml/RM175
Lacoste - Essential 125ml/RM200
Lacoste - Touch Of Sun 100ml/RM200
Lolita Lempicka - Lolita For Men 100ml/RM190, 100ml tester/RM170
Mont Blanc - Individuel 75ml/RM190
Mont Blanc - Starwalker 75ml/RM200
Paco Rabanne - XS 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester RM140 (Counter RM242)
Paco Rabanne - XS Black 100ml/RM175
Paco Rabanne - UltraViolet 100ml/RM170, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM272)
Paul Smith - Story 100ml/RM180, 50ml/RM155, 30ml/RM120
Ralph Lauren - Romance 100ml/RM220
Ralph Lauren - Romance Silver 100ml/RM220
Ralph Lauren - Polo Explorer 100ml/RM240
Ralph Lauren - Polo Double Black 125ml/RM230
Ralph Lauren - Safari 100ml/RM230
Ralph Lauren - Polo Black 125ml/RM220, 75ml/RM190
Sean John - Unforgivable 125ml/RM200, 75ml/RM180
Sean John - Unforgivable Black 75ml/RM225
Swiss Army - Altitude 100ml/RM130
Tommy Hilfiger - Cologne Spray 100ml/RM190
Tommy Hilfiger - Dreaming 100ml/RM235, 50ml/RM170, 30ml/RM135
Thierry Mugler - A Men 100ml/RM260
Trussardi - Trussardi Inside 100ml/RM170, 100ml tester/RM140
Versace - Eau Fraiche 100ml/RM190
Versace - Man 100ml/RM185, 100ml tester/RM160
YSL - Kouros 100ml/RM190, 100ml tester RM170 (Counter RM252)
YSL - Jazz 100ml/RM160, 100ml tester/RM140
YSL - Opium 100ml/RM180

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Why You Should Know What Fragrance Category Your Perfume Is From

When thinking of your favorite fragrances, have you ever wondered exactly how they are categorized? Tradition states that every fragrance belongs to one specific group or family. Even though they have different names, there are six basic categories of perfumes.
The categories are:

Sweet or Floral
Clean or Sporty
Natural or Green
Oils and Musks
Woody and Chypre
Spicy and Oriental

Many people often find and stick with one specific fragrance, but others like to mix it up and base the fragrance they wear on the mood they are in that day, some even change it with the current season. Furthermore, age often is found to greatly affect the choice of fragrance. As a woman ages, the choice of fragrance matures at the same time.

Let us talk a little about the different families of fragrances.

The sweet or floral family is perhaps the most popular of them all and is derived from a variety of flowers. These types are generally view as youthful and are worn by young women or women who are playful. Some examples of fragrances within this family are Curious, Chanel no 22, Joy, Pleasures, Safari for Women, and L'Air Du Temps.

In the clean or sport family, this is generally the reminder of a smell when you first leave the shower and generally smells comparable to soap. Typically, these make perfect gifts for those that are athletic in nature. Some examples of this type include, Alliage, Cashmere Mist, Polo for Women, Lily Chic, and Tommy Girl.

The fragrance of natural or green is a down to earth and fresh type of scent, perfect for those who like to feel natural and real. A few examples include Escape for Women, London, Chanel No.5, Truth for Women, Poison, and White Diamonds.

Oils and musks are suggestive, sexy, and strong scents. Generally used when a person wants to communicate certain things to their lover. It is deemed the most powerful among oil perfumes. Some examples are Sun, Moon, and Stars, O Oui, Caleche, Shalimar, and L'Aminant.

In the chypre and woody family, it is generally compared to earthy things. It combines scents of earth and floral perfect for those that love being in nature and the outdoors. Some examples include Miss Doir, Envy, Chanel No. 19, and Romance.

Finally, in the family of spicy and oriental, this mixes the scents of vanilla, animals, woods, and flowers together. It is very exotic and enjoyed most by women who is bold, strong, and radiant. Some examples include, Youth Dew, Obsession, Organza, Opium, and Still.
How To Seduce A Man With Your Scent

Creating a Seduction Scent
"She left her scent all over the room So even in the dark I'd see" - Snowball in El Paso (Trace Adkins)
Choose a perfume or cologne that works well for you and stick with it. Your goal is to have a scent so familiar that your man would be able to pick you out in a crowded room with his eyes closed. An added benefit is that anytime he encounters another woman wearing your scent, he'll immediately think of you.The art of seducing anyone, anywhere, anytime. Choose your scent carefully. Maybe your favorite perfume isn't really the right one for you.The secret to choosing the right scent lies in understanding how your body chemistry interacts with the scented oils that are used to make perfume.Your body chemistry has a profound affect on how a perfume smells. That's why a scent that's perfect for one woman may be a total flop for another.Believe it or not, your diet, medications that you are taking and how dry or oily your skin is also affects the scent.As a rule, women who have fair skin and light hair tend to have the driest skin and should wear stronger fragrances that will not be absorbed as quickly.As the hair color and skin tone gets darker, the perfume should get progressively lighter.Realize that your perfume is in competition with other products that you use. For best results, try to choose a brand that also offers skin and body lotion in the same fragrance, or use products with a neutral fragrance.That way you will not confuse his senses with a collision of different scents. Choose an unscented deodorant as well as shampoo and conditioner that are lightly scented with a fragrance that does not compete with your perfume.Perfume works best when it is used sparingly and applied to your body's pulse points including your wrists, behind your ears, in the bend of your elbow, behind your knees and on the inside of your ankles.Always apply your perfume before getting dressed so you don't end up with perfume stains on your clothing.Wear your perfume whenever you plan to see your man. He needs to have your scent imprinted in his mind.
How To Easily Choose The Right Perfume For Your Lady
Choosing the right perfume can be difficult and because it is also considered an intimate gift buying the wrong perfume can backfire on you and get you the opposite result of that which you hoped for.The first thing you need to do is do some homework, meaning research. Look at your lady's perfume bottles, the ones that are nearly empty will be her favorites. If there is one there that is nearly full chances are she doesn't wear it often or doesn't like it. Hint around and ask her what types of fragrances she likes and dislikes.Humans are very sensory oriented and our sense of smell is no different. Certain perfumes can elicit strong reactions in both the wearer and the person reacting to the scent. Perfumes are made not only to attract but to also relax someone. If you aren't totally sure what kind of perfume to buy you can always play it safe and get something in the aromatherapy line. If you go this route, bear in mind that vanilla scents are considered to relax and a peppermint or lemon scent will be more stimulating.Buying a woman's perfume for your wife or girlfriend is serious business. They expect you to know what they like, so you better know. This is your chance to show that you really do pay attention and that you know what she likes and doesn't like. If you get it right you will get rewarded way beyond the small bottle of perfume, get it wrong and you'll be accused of buying something your old girlfriend liked!Other than the snooping I already mentioned, if you are buying the gift for a special occasion such as Christmas or Valentines Day you can be a little more upfront about asking than if you were just trying to surprise her. Take a look at her wish list, if she has perfume on the list ask her what types she likes. As soon as you can go write it down so you don't forget, you know how we men are.You should be very sure of your selection when you buy the perfume for your lady so make sure you have done your research so that you don't end up upsetting her instead of thrilling her. Remember, this is just like buying lingerie it isn't about what you like it is about what she likes! She is the one that will be wearing it to school or work and therefore it's for her not you. But, if you get it right she will think of you every time someone compliments her on her fragrance and that my friend, is priceless.
Selecting The Right Perfume

If you have decided to purchase perfume for yourself or for someone else as a gift, you will find that it may be difficult to decide which perfume to choose. With so many different varieties of perfumes on the market, just how are you supposed to select the right one? Below, you will find the answer.First, if cost is a big consideration when you are purchasing perfume, then you may want to predetermine how much you are going to spend before you start shopping. Some brands can be pretty pricey and if you are on a budget, you will want to remain within the confines of your spending limit.Next, you will need to determine if you want to purchase a perfume that has a light or a heavy scent. If you are buying for yourself, this task is far easier than if you are purchasing perfume for someone else. Therefore, finding out in advance what perfume a person prefers is your best option. For instance, if your friend likes wearing musk, then look for musk when you are purchasing perfume and if your friend or loved one likes earthy scents, then look for an earthy scent when you shop.Next, there is actually a trick to smelling perfume. Have you ever noticed that when you smell perfume from the bottle and then you smell it on your wrist it does not ever smell the same? That's because perfumes react with your body chemicals. So, you will want to purchase a perfume that is not only pleasing to the nose when you open the bottle, but one that is pleasing when it reacts to skin contact. Also, once you have applied the perfume to your wrist, wait a few seconds as the strong odor will dissipate and will leave you with the scent that the perfume is meant to provide.It is not a wise idea to purchase perfume just because the bottle is pretty. Unless you truly do not care what is inside the bottle and you only want the bottle, you really should take a few moments to test out what's inside. You may find that the perfume inside your gorgeous bottle smells absolutely atrocious or that it does not suit your personality at all.