Sunday, April 8, 2007

How To Seduce A Man With Your Scent

Creating a Seduction Scent
"She left her scent all over the room So even in the dark I'd see" - Snowball in El Paso (Trace Adkins)
Choose a perfume or cologne that works well for you and stick with it. Your goal is to have a scent so familiar that your man would be able to pick you out in a crowded room with his eyes closed. An added benefit is that anytime he encounters another woman wearing your scent, he'll immediately think of you.The art of seducing anyone, anywhere, anytime. Choose your scent carefully. Maybe your favorite perfume isn't really the right one for you.The secret to choosing the right scent lies in understanding how your body chemistry interacts with the scented oils that are used to make perfume.Your body chemistry has a profound affect on how a perfume smells. That's why a scent that's perfect for one woman may be a total flop for another.Believe it or not, your diet, medications that you are taking and how dry or oily your skin is also affects the scent.As a rule, women who have fair skin and light hair tend to have the driest skin and should wear stronger fragrances that will not be absorbed as quickly.As the hair color and skin tone gets darker, the perfume should get progressively lighter.Realize that your perfume is in competition with other products that you use. For best results, try to choose a brand that also offers skin and body lotion in the same fragrance, or use products with a neutral fragrance.That way you will not confuse his senses with a collision of different scents. Choose an unscented deodorant as well as shampoo and conditioner that are lightly scented with a fragrance that does not compete with your perfume.Perfume works best when it is used sparingly and applied to your body's pulse points including your wrists, behind your ears, in the bend of your elbow, behind your knees and on the inside of your ankles.Always apply your perfume before getting dressed so you don't end up with perfume stains on your clothing.Wear your perfume whenever you plan to see your man. He needs to have your scent imprinted in his mind.

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