Monday, July 6, 2009

New Price List (July 2009)

For Women
Aigner - Black edp 75ml/RM155
Agent Provocative - Maitresse edp 100ml/RM220, 100ml tester/RM190
Anna Sui - Flight of Fancy 75ml/RM190
Anna Sui - Secret Wish 75ml/RM180
Anna Sui - Secret Wish Magic Romance 75ml/RM180
Banana Republic - Alabaster edp 100ml/RM235
Benetton - Hot 100ml/RM50 (Counter RM118)
Britney Spears - Curious 100ml/RM150 (Counter RM238)
Britney Spears - Curious In Control 100ml/RM180
Britney Spears - Believe 100ml/RM200, 50ml/RM170
Britney Spears - Fantasy 100ml/RM180 (Counter RM238)
Britney Spears - Midnight Fantasy 100ml/RM100, 50ml/RM160
Bvlgari - Omnia 65ml/RM200, 65ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM340)
Bvlgari - Omnia Crystalline 65ml/RM200, 65ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM340)
Bvlgari - Omnia Amethyste 65ml/RM200, 65ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM340)
Bvlgari - Pour Femme 100ml/RM220 (Counter RM465)
Bvlgari - BLV Pour Femme 75ml/RM170 (Counter RM315)
Bvlgari - Rose Essentielle 100ml/RM220, 50ml tester/RM130 (Counter RM465)
Bvlgari - Jasmin Essentielle 100ml/RM230, 50ml tester/RM130 (Counter RM465)
Bvlgari - Notte 75ml/RM165
Burberry - London New 100ml/RM230, 100ml tester/RM185 (Counter RM333)
Burberry - London 100ml/RM160, 100ml tester/RM140
Burberry - Touch 100ml/190. 100ml tester/RM170 (Counter RM320)
Burberry - Brit Sheer 100ml/RM230
Burberry - Weekend 100ml/RM160, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM320)
Burbery - Tender Touch 50ml/RM155
Carolina Herrera - 212 Women 100ml/RM210, 100ml tester/RM180 (Counter RM286)
Carolina Herrera - 212 Sexy 100ml/RM205, 100ml tester/RM180
CK - CK One 200ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM242)
CK - CK One Summer 100ml/RM160
CK - CK Be 200ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM242)
CK - Eternity 100ml/RM180, 100ml tester/RM150, 50ml/RM150 (Counter RM269)
CK - Eternity Moment 100ml/RM180
CK - Eternity Summer 100ml/RM180
CK - Euphoria Blossom 100ml/RM240, 100ml tester/RM195
CK - CKIn2U 100ml/RM140, 150ml/RM200, 100ml tester/RM120
CK - Escape edp 100ml/RM180
Cacharel - Amor 100ml/RM200
Cacharel - Promese 100ml/RM200
Christian Dior - Jadore edt tester 100ml/RM250
Christian Dior - Jadore edp 100ml/RM320, 100ml tester RM260
Christian Dior - Pure Poison edp 100ml/RM315
Christian Dior - Miss Dior Cherie edp 100ml/RM265
Christian Dior - Miss Dior Cherie edt 100ml/RM240
Clinique - Happy To Be 100ml/RM220
Davidoff - Echo 100ml/RM160, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM304)
Davidoff - CoolWater 90ml/RM150, 90ml tester/RM120 (Counter RM252)
Davidoff - Coolwater Game 100ml/RM140 (Counter RM252)
David Beckham - Intimately 75ml/RM160
DKNY - Be Delicious edp 100ml/RM220, 50ml/RM190
DKNY - Red Delicious edp 100ml/RM220, 50ml/RM190
DKNY - Night edp 100ml/RM220
D&G - Light Blue 100ml/RM230
D&G - The One 75ml/RM245
Elizabeth Arden - 5th Avenue 125ml/RM140 (Counter RM252)
Elizabeth Arden - After 5 edp 125ml/RM165
Elizabeth Arden - Green Tea 100ml/RM100
Elizabeth Arden - Mediteranean 100ml/RM190
Elizabeth Arden - Provocative 100ml/RM150, 50ml/RM150
Elizabeth Arden – Red Door Revealed edp 100ml/RM215
Emporio Armani – Diamond 100ml/RM215
Escada - Sentiment 75ml/RM170, 75ml tester/RM150(Counter RM247)
Escada - Moon Sparkle Woman 100ml/RM200
Escada - Into The Blue 100ml/RM230, 100ml tester/RM180, 50ml/RM180, 30ml/RM130
Escada - S Ltd Edt edp 100ml/RM230
Estee Lauder - Beautiful 100ml/RM250, 100ml tester/RM230 (Counter RM320)
Estee Lauder - Pleasures 50ml/RM170, 100ml/RM260
Estee Lauder - Love 100ml/RM265
Estee Lauder - Pure White Linen 50ml/RM200
Givenchy - Very Irresistible 100ml/RM180, 100ml tester/RM160 (Counter RM237)
Givenchy - Very Irresistible Summer 100ml/RM160
Givenchy - Very Irresistible Sensual 75ml/RM235
Gucci - Rush 75ml/RM200, 75ml tester/RM180 (Counter RM303)
Gucci - Rush II 75ml/RM200, 75ml tester/RM180 (Counter RM303)
Gucci - Envy Me 100ml/RM200, 100ml tester/RM170 (Counter RM315)
Gucci - Envy Me II 100ml/RM210, 100ml tester/RM190 (Counter RM315)
Gucci - Gucci II EDP 75ml/RM240, 75ml tester/RM180
Gucci – Gucci EDT 50ml/RM200
Guess - Guess Women 75ml/RM170
Guerlain - My Insolence Glitter Ltd Edt edp 50ml/RM200
Givenchy - Ange Ou Demon 50ml/RM210, 100ml/RM260
Givenchy - Organza edp 100ml/RM200
Givenchy - Very Irresistible 75ml/RM185
Hermes - Kelly Cleche 50ml/RM200
Hermes - Eau Des Merveilles 100ml/RM240
Hugo Boss - Deep Red 75ml/RM185, 75ml tester/RM165 (Counter RM247)
Hugo Boss - Boss Femme 100ml/RM190
Hugo Boss - Intense 90ml/RM180
Hugo Boss - Deep Intense 75ml/RM180, 75ml tester/RM160 (Counter RM247)
Hugo Boss - XX 100ml/RM200
Hugo Boss - Hugo Women 125ml/RM190, 125ml tester/RM160
Issey Miyake - L'Eau D'Issey 100ml/RM250, 100ml tester/RM225 (Counter RM320)
Issey Miyake - L'Eau D'Issey Summer 100ml/RM210
J.Lopez - Luxe 100ml/RM180, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM275)
J.Lopez - Live Luxe 100ml/RM180, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM275)
J.Lopez - Still 100ml/RM180, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM325)
J.Lopez - Glow 100ml/RM170, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM238)
J.Lopez - Love @ First Glow 100ml/RM170, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM238)
J.Lopez - Glow @ Dark 100ml/RM170, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM238)
JPG - Classique Summer 75ml/180
JPG - Le Classique 75ml/RM230, 75ml tester/RM210 (counter RM275)
Kenzo - Flower 100ml/RM180 (Counter RM290)
Kenzo – Amour edt 100ml/RM180
Kylie Minogue - Darling 75ml/RM190
Lancome - Miracle 100ml/RM220
Lancome - Miracle Forever 100ml/RM220
Lancome - Miracle So Magic 100ml/RM220
Lancome - Hypnose 50ml/RM190, 75ml/RM240
Lancome - Oui 75ml/RM195
Lancome - Pleasures Delight 100ml/RM270
Lancome - Pleasures 100ml/RM270
Lanvin - Eclat D'Arpege 100ml/RM180
Lolita Lempicka edp 100ml/RM200, 100ml tester/RM180 (Counter RM299)
Mariah Carey - Mariah Carey EDP 100ml/RM190, 100ml tester/RM170
Mandarina Duck - Women 100ml tester/RM100
MaxMara - Max Gold 80ml/RM170
MaxMara - Max Pink 80ml/RM195
Miss Sixty 75ml/RM155
Miss Sixty – Rock Muse 75ml/RM165
Moschino - Cheap & Chic 100ml/RM200, 100ml tester/RM180
Moschino - Funny 100ml/RM230, 100ml tester/RM200
Morgan - De Toi 100ml/RM160
Narsico Rodriguez edt 100ml/RM300
Nina Ricci - My Nina 80ml/RM210, 80ml tester/RM175, 50ml/RM165, 30ml/RM135
Nina Ricci - L'Air Du Temp 100ml/RM160
Paco Rabanne- UltraViolet 80ml/RM170, 80ml tester/RM160 (Counter RM275)
Paco Rabanne - XS Black For Her 80ml/RM190, 80ml tester/RM160
Paris Hilton - Heiress 100ml/RM135 (Counter RM199)
Paul Smith - Rose edp 100ml/RM220, 100ml tester/RM190
Paul Smith - EDP 100ml/RM185
Paris Hilton - Just Me 100ml/RM145(Counter RM199)
Paris Hilton - Paris Hilton 100ml/RM145 (Counter RM199)
Paloma Picasso - Paloma EDP 100ml/RM260
Ralph Lauren - Romance 100ml/RM230 (Counter RM280)
Ralph Lauren - Style 125ml/RM230
Ralph Lauren - Ralph 100ml/RM200
Ralph Lauren - Blue 125ml/RM235, 125ml tester/RM210
S.Ferragammo - Incanto EDP 100ml/RM190 (Counter RM270)
S.Ferragammo - Incanto Dream 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM270)
S.Ferragammo - Incanto Charm 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM270)
S.Ferragammo - Incanto Heaven 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM270)
S.Ferragammo - Incanto Shine 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM270)
S.Ferragammo - Subtil 100ml/RM190, 100ml tester/RM170 (Counter RM335)
Sarah Jessica Parker - Lovely 100ml/RM185, 100ml tester/RM150
Sarah Jessica Parker - Lovely Skin Serum 100ml tester/RM150
Sean John – Unforgiable Woman edp 100ml/RM220
Tommy Hilfiger - Tommy Girl 100ml/RM210, 50ml/RM170
Trussardi - Inside edp 100ml/RM180
Verawang - Princess 100ml/RM260, 30ml/RM175
Vercase - Red Jeans 75ml/RM100 (Counter RM159)
Versace - Rose Tea 75ml/RM100
Versace - Bright Crystal 90ml/RM215, 90ml tester/RM190, 50ml/RM195
Versace - Woman 100ml/RM190
Victoria's Secret - Sexy For Her 75ml/RM220
Victoria's Secret - Sexy For Her II 75ml/RM220
Victoria's Secret - Silkening Body Splash 236ml/RM70
YSL - Baby Doll 100ml/RM190, 100ml tester/RM170 (Counter RM270)
YSL - Young Sexy Lovely 75ml/RM215
YSL - Opium 100ml/RM250
YSL - Cinema edp 90ml/RM250

For Man
Aigner - X Limited 125ml/RM120
Aigner - Black 125ml/RM165
Aramis - 900 100ml/RM180
Azzaro - Chrome 100ml/RM170, 100ml tester/RM150
Azzaro - Chrome Legend 100ml/RM190
Azzaro - Now 75ml/RM195
Bvlgari - Aqva 100ml/RM175, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM272)
Bvlgari - BLV Pour Homme 100ml/RM175 (Counter RM252)
Bvlgari - Soir 100ml/RM185, 100ml tester/RM155
Bvlgari - BLV Extreme 100ml/RM175, 100ml tester/RM150
Bvlgari - Black 75ml/RM175, 75ml tester/RM150
Bvlgari - Notte 100ml/RM165
Bvlgari - Aqva Marine 100ml/RM170
Burberry - Weekend 100ml/RM150 (Counter RM205)
Burberry - London 100ml/RM200, 100ml tester/RM170 (Counter RM248)
Burberry - Touch 100ml/RM190
Burberry - Brit 100ml/RM180
Christian Dior - Fahrenheit 100ml/RM240
CK - CK One 200ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM242)
CK - CK One Summer 100ml/RM160
CK - CK Be 200ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM242)
CK - Electric 100ml/RM160
CK - Eternity 100ml/RM160, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM230)
CK - Eternity Summer 100ml/RM160
CK - Euphoria Men 100ml/RM200, 100ml tester/RM175
CK – Euphoria Intense Men 100ml/RM220
CK - Truth Men 100ml/RM175, 100ml tester/RM155, 50ml/RM150
CK - Escape 100ml/RM185, 100ml tester/RM160
CK - Obsession 125ml/RM210
Carolina Herrera - 212 100ml/RM200
Carolina Herrera - Aqua Man 100ml/RM200
Clinique - Happy for Men 100ml/RM190
Davidoff - CoolWater 125ml/RM150, 125ml tester/RM135 (Counter RM242)
Davidoff - Echo 100ml/RM160, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM233)
Davidoff - CoolWater Deep 100ml/RM160 (Counter RM268)
David Beckham - Instinct 75ml/RM140, 75ml/RM110
Dunhill - Desire Red 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester/RM135 (Counter RM240)
Dunhill - Desire Blue 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester/RM135 (Counter RM240)
Dunhill - Fresh 75ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM222)
Dunhill - Xcentric 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester/RM140 (Counter RM240)
Dunhill - Pursuit 75ml/RM210
Dunhill - D 75ml tester/RM140
Dolce Gabanna - D&G Pour Homme 125ml/RM190
Dolce Gabanna - Light Blue 100ml/RM235
Escada - Sentiment Pour Homme 100ml/RM170
Escada - Sunset Heat 100ml/RM200
Escada - Moon Sparkle 100ml/RM200
Emporio Armani - City Glam 100ml/RM220, 50ml/RM195
Estee Lauder - Pleasures Men edt 100ml/RM220
FCUK - For Him 100ml/RM150
Ferrari - Red 125ml/RM140
Ferrari - Black 125ml/RM140
Giorgio Armani - Code 75ml/RM240
Giorgio Armani - Attitude 75ml/RM240
Guess - Man 75ml/RM160
Hugo Boss - XY 100ml/RM200
Hugo Boss - No.6 100ml/RM170, 100ml tester/RM150
Hugo Boss - Green (Army) 150ml tester/RM160
Hugo Boss - Dark Blue 125ml/RM170, 125ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM230)
Hugo Boss - Selection 100ml/RM200, 50ml/RM175
Hugo Boss - Energise 125ml/RM185, 125ml tester/RM160
Hugo Boss - Soul 90ml/RM170
Hugo Boss - In Motion Black 90ml/RM190, 90ml tester/RM170
Hugo Boss - In Motion 90ml tester/RM140
Iceberg - Effisien 75ml/RM125
Iceberg - Iceberg 100ml/RM130
JPG - Le Male 125ml/RM220, 125ml tester/RM200, 75ml/RM180 (Counter RM270)
JPG - Gaultier 2 120ml/RM255
JPG - Fluer De Male 125mll tester/RM210
Kenneth Cole - Black 100ml/180, 100ml tester/RM160
Kenneth Cole - RVSP 100ml/RM260, 100ml tester/RM190
Lacoste - Elegance 100ml/RM205, 50ml/RM175
Lacoste - Essential 125ml/RM200
Lacoste - Touch Of Sun 100ml/RM200
Lolita Lempicka - Lolita For Men 100ml/RM190, 100ml tester/RM170
Mont Blanc - Individuel 75ml/RM190
Mont Blanc - Starwalker 75ml/RM200
Paco Rabanne - XS 100ml/RM150, 100ml tester RM140 (Counter RM242)
Paco Rabanne - XS Black 100ml/RM175
Paco Rabanne - UltraViolet 100ml/RM170, 100ml tester/RM150 (Counter RM272)
Paul Smith - Story 100ml/RM180, 50ml/RM155, 30ml/RM120
Ralph Lauren - Romance 100ml/RM220
Ralph Lauren - Romance Silver 100ml/RM220
Ralph Lauren - Polo Explorer 100ml/RM240
Ralph Lauren - Polo Double Black 125ml/RM230
Ralph Lauren - Safari 100ml/RM230
Ralph Lauren - Polo Black 125ml/RM220, 75ml/RM190
Sean John - Unforgivable 125ml/RM200, 75ml/RM180
Sean John - Unforgivable Black 75ml/RM225
Swiss Army - Altitude 100ml/RM130
Tommy Hilfiger - Cologne Spray 100ml/RM190
Tommy Hilfiger - Dreaming 100ml/RM235, 50ml/RM170, 30ml/RM135
Thierry Mugler - A Men 100ml/RM260
Trussardi - Trussardi Inside 100ml/RM170, 100ml tester/RM140
Versace - Eau Fraiche 100ml/RM190
Versace - Man 100ml/RM185, 100ml tester/RM160
YSL - Kouros 100ml/RM190, 100ml tester RM170 (Counter RM252)
YSL - Jazz 100ml/RM160, 100ml tester/RM140
YSL - Opium 100ml/RM180

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